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return policy
SDRs is 14 days after the date of the materials such as Ica. If the date of receiving the post can not be proven effective date plus two business days from the order. Not immediately return to us that the return will not be approved.

The condition of the product when you receive it (we monitor all goods must pass control back). The project is not affected in any way. Remember, underwear and pantyhose can unopened package, including other underwear in the seal, and seal the package bag underwear. Therefore, the purity. Seal the sample can not be broken. Corset-tests are not counted as a return to obedience. We reserve 'not considered' return in one month, and then discard them. Shipping costs. Nice package must be returned in exchange for approval of the plan.

return does not mean that the transportation back to the rebounds. We need to accept the returned goods for the refund. Approved for profit, must be done well, not stained, the culture, or the smell of incense. If there is no clothing / tanks, can not be tested corset. Lace tights or Slider to return to not be affected. Corset. The importance of underwear in a beautiful package back in the box, and (the storage box, beautiful package will not be damaged during the delivery). Otherwise, it is not subject to return. It's important! Return must be made within 14 days, if not crossed. No matter how e-mail, provide such information for more information.

exchange does not mean the chariot to change us again. You must come back before accepting the new products. If the change is approved, it should be done, not dirty, but not the culture or the smell of incense. Corsets test the shirt / tank. Lace tights or Slider to return to not be affected. Corset. Switch must be completed within 14 days. Another exchange of the size of the project, and get free delivery of better learn to wait for you, without you. When you make a change, and thus have been used to pull each if there is to be changed only once. If you want to keep the obligation to pass the new order.

complaints transported back to the business for the complaints. In advance to accept the compensation properly. The requirements for the approval of the request, should be able to, not dirty, the culture or the smell of the incense. Appeal must be made within 14 days. First, you'll be sent for you to find it. If things are not in stock, will give a discount of 30% of the photographic evidence.

If you are using SDRs within 30 days following the secession sending Plus. You pay for the new e-mail the invoice for shipping. If you pay your credit card or direct money, even in the time of cancellation, or to contact you to obtain data for the fund via email.

Note Sometimes, the care of a long time, which means that before you put in the bill, including the bill should be spending more than the cost of the demand. We can not be responsible, but they want to remove the cost of memory, has a bill before the due date, refund.